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Gitanjali Rao(born 1972) is an Indian theater actress, animator and film maker. This is her Filmography in brief. Watch and enjoy them! 

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Printed Rainbow (2006)

The journey of an old woman and her cat through the fantastical world of matchbox covers. The film premiered in Cannes Critic’s Week in 2006, winning three awards in Cannes and 22 other international awards.
Video From – Gitanjali Rao’s Youtube Channel

Chai (2013)

The film is a sequence of montages that shows four different people making tea in a tea shop. A ten-year-old boy selling tea in Bombay at the Gateway Of India, An 18-year-old girl with her tea shop in a mid-level town, A 19-year-old Kashmiri lad in a Barrista and An 80-year-old man’s tea shop in a busy Kerala bus stand.
Video From – Viacom18 Studios 

True Love Story (2014)

True Love Story is a 2014 Indian animation short film written and directed by Gitanjali Rao. The silent film is a coming-of-age romance film set in streets of Mumbai, where a flower-seller falls in love with a bar dancer, that too in Bollywood-fantasy style.
Video From – La Semaine de la Critique

Bombay Rose (2019)

Bombay Rose is an animated romance hanging precariously between living on the streets and loving on the screen, Bollywood style. Amidst the struggle of survival in a big city, a red rose brings together 3 tales of impossible loves. The film is the long-awaited feature debut of India’s leading animator Gitanjali Rao.
Video From – Cinestaan Film Company


Over a drink and smoke, two women talk about love and the loss of it.
Video From – Gitanjali Rao’s Youtube Channel


A little girl dreams of exploring space with her cat
Video From – Gitanjali Rao’s Youtube Channel

The Story of Indian Animation – Gitanjali Rao

Taking the road less taken and making her own niche, Gitanjali Rao is an independent filmmaker who makes animated films for adults. Her first two films –’Orange’ and ‘Printed Rainbow’ won several accolades.
Video From – Dsource Ekalpa India

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